2013-11-16 / The Bullhorn

Three teachers added to Bulldog pack

By Messiah Moore

RCS welcomed three first-year teachers this year. From left, Lorelei Peterson, Ashley Gilroy and Liana Roux joined the high school faculty. RCS welcomed three first-year teachers this year. From left, Lorelei Peterson, Ashley Gilroy and Liana Roux joined the high school faculty. Three new Bulldogs have joined the Roxboro Community School (RCS) pack.

Ashley Gilroy, a 22-year-old high school English teacher, grew up in a small town in Vermont and moved to Virginia to attend Roanoke College. She graduated in May, earning a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in education.

She said, “The reason I became a teacher is because I really like helping people, and I like that I am able to do something new every day.”

Gilroy added, “To prepare to be a teacher I took psychology, education 101, history of education, and tutored kids in an inner-city school. Of those, psychology was my favorite.”

Although she enjoys meeting new people and seeing new places, she misses the familiarity of her home and her mother.

“I really miss her; she is my best friend, but I like being away from home because I’m an independent person,” said Gilroy.

Gilroy said that her responsibilities of being a first-year teacher make it hard to work her personal hobbies into her schedule. To relax Gilroy likes to run, eat ice cream and cook out, listen to music, and read.

In addition to her teaching duties, she is also the new softball coach. She said she enjoys coaching because it gives her a chance to view her students in a different light than in the classroom.

Lorelei Peterson, a 23-yearold high school mathematics teacher, also joined RCS this year. She feels she can relate to her students because of her age.

She grew up in Minnesota, and got her bachelor’s degree in education, mathematics, and psychology from Hamline University. Peterson graduated in May, and recently moved to Durham.

She said it is not hard for her live so far away from home, but she does try to visit whenever she can.

Peterson added, “I try to fit going to the movies and going to Duke football games into my fast-moving schedule.”

She said, “After a really rough day I like to go to Chipotle and get a burrito and chips with guacamole.”

Another new member of the Bulldog family is Liana Roux, a 23-year-old high school English teacher. She grew up in North Carolina, and in 2012 received her bachelor of arts degree in English and anthropology with a minor in writing. She later returned to get her master of arts in teaching.

She said, “I had excellent teachers in high school who were always there for me, and I want to be as good to my students as they were to me.”

Roux, who coaches tennis, added, “It is hard to balance everything as a first-year teacher and being a coach, but it is worth it because I get to interact with students and parents in a new way. She has a hard time trying to fit so many things in her schedule such as grading, planning, and social life.

To relax she reads, cooks, works in her garden, watches TV, and goes on long drives through the country.

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