2014-03-08 / Editorial

‘Sincerest congratulations on the superb series’

To the editor:

Sincerest congratulations on the superb series celebrating Black History Month in the February issues of The Courier- Times.

All of these articles resonated with me, but I especially enjoyed the reflections of Angeline Nelson Brooks Brown and Margie Poole because I, like them, grew up black in Person County.

The piece on the schools was of special interest to me also. I often regale younger folks with stories of the “separate, but equal” school I attended as a young student.

My old school, Lee Jeffers, was actually pictured, looking just as it did when I attended back in 1955.

We had a hand pump in the yard for water and two outhouses located in the rear of the school. Recess and the end of the day were announced by a hand bell, which the principal, Mr. B.H. Umstead rang at the appropriate times.

I as so pleased to be among the students to first attend the brand new consolidated North End Elementary in 1956.

Those were heady days in Person County for those of us who had been consigned to the second and third-rate schools historically relegated for black children.

We were so proud to be going to a school that was built of brick with a library and a cafeteria. And, best of all, we finally had indoor plumbing.


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