2014-03-08 / The Bullhorn

A random act of kindness

By Kayla Baker

On Saturday, Feb. 22 Roxboro Community School (RCS) held its annual Alumni Basketball Game at the Helena Gym. At the game, RCS did a 50/50 drawing, which means tickets are sold usually at $1 each. The person whose ticket is drawn receives half of the total amount of the “pot” and the other half goes toward an organization. In this case, an RCS student received half and the school received the other half. All together RCS raised $74.

Sixth-grade students sold the tickets, one going to a man at the game. The students asked the gentleman if he’d like to a buy a ticket and he said he’d buy one but he didn’t want to keep it so he made the group of sixth-graders pick a number and whoever guessed a number close to the number he was thinking got his ticket.

Ironically, the gentleman was the winner of the ticket that he had given away. Sixth-grade student Lauren Kendrick was the receiver of the winning ticket.

When Kendrick was asked how she felt about receiving the winning ticket she said, “I felt good. I was glad that he gave it to me but I felt like I needed to repay him for it so I tried giving his dollar back and he wouldn’t take it. I haven’t really spent the money yet but I bought everyone who wanted a piece of pizza a slice at the game.”

RCS dance teacher Teresa Coleman said, “I think the man giving the little girl his ticket was a random act of kindness — kind of like when you’re in a drive-thru and someone pays it forward.”

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