2014-03-08 / The Bullhorn

Bulldogs interacting with senior adults

messiah moore

Roxboro Community School’s (RCS) Interact Club volunteered at the Cambridge Hills Assisted Living Center on Feb. 20. The club members were assisting with the annual Valentine’s Dance, which had been delayed because of the weather conditions.

The Interact members were nervous and anxious of what to expect. We mainly stood at the doorway for the first couple of minutes, and that’s when Tammy Thomas, activities director, grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor. Thomas then introduced me to one of the residents. We danced for a little while and had idle chitchat. It turned out the seniors were more worried than us about keeping up.

It was then our president, Anderson Clayton, who was asked to dance with a Korean War veteran named George. They danced together all night long.

Clayton said, “I can’t keep up with him.”

We met some very interesting people, such as Lily, one of the residents. She told me about her family, and how she ended up at Cambridge Hills. She was a kind and lovely lady.

Lily said, “I really enjoy it here; the food is good, and there are lots of nice people.”

I have only visited a senior center when I was really young, and I never really noticed the people. I have always thought of a senior center as being dreary, but when I saw all the happy faces of the seniors light up when we asked them to dance or when we did the Macarena, it truly showed me the other side, and how we have to cherish our elders because they helped make our world what it is today.

So I would like to thank the Cambridge Hills staff, and all of the residents that showed us that just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time.

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