2015-03-14 / The Bullhorn

Elana Ingram named to East All-Region Team

By Hannah Lunsford

Elana Ingram Elana Ingram Roxboro Community School (RCS) freshman Elana Ingram was recently named to the 1-A East All-Region Team for the 2015-2016 year.

A student being chosen for an All-Region team means that he/she is the best player in a particular position for a specific region. Ingram was one of 24 from the East to be chosen for the East All-Region team.

Ingram, point guard for RCS, has been playing basketball since she was five years old and joined a team when she was eight. She currently plays not only for RCS, but also Mid-State Magic out of Burlington.

“My family has given me tremendous support throughout my basketball career,” said Ingram. “They have always been there to support me with everything I do.”

RCS middle school principal Donna Ingram, Ingram’s mother, said that her family was “unbelievably proud” of Elana.

“She works extremely hard to be a great person and basketball player. We’ve been impressed with her focus, toughness, maturity, leadership and humility this year. She loves her team, puts them first, and cares more about the team’s accomplishments than her own individual recognitions and awards.”

Athletic Director Pete Tuck said Elana is a tremendous competitor and showed it this season.

Said Tuck, “Her leadership on the court, even as a freshman was a thing of beauty.”

Tuck continued to say that he, along with others, look forward to watching Ingram’s progress and seeing her lead RCS for the next few years.

High school principal Darkarai Bryant said that Ingram is truly a gifted athlete. “She is a shining example of how talent and having a tremendous work ethic pays off. She is a team oriented athlete, but it is great that she is receiving this individual accolade for her high school athletic resume. RCS is truly proud of her individual success, which helped lead the collective success of the girls’ basketball team, and looks forward to her development as a leader in our athletic program.”

Over the summer, Ingram will travel to Tennessee, Kentucky, Atlanta, and local cities like Durham, Raleigh and Greensboro with the All-Regional team.

She currently ranks 3,896 in the nation and 124 in the state and plans on continuing her basketball career.

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