2015-04-11 / The Bullhorn

Global warming - fact or fiction?

By Haley Odell
Bullhorn Report er

The last two decades of the 20th Century have been the hottest in the last 400 years.

Emissions such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and greenhouse gasses are skyrocketing.

Sea levels have risen about seven inches in the last 100 years, which is more than the previous 2,000 years combined.

More than a million plants and animals have become extinct due to the climate change.

Yet, global warming remains controversial.

Since Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius first claimed the possibility of fossil fuel emissions enhancing climate change, people around the world have done their own research, as we all should, and formulated their own opinions.

About 60 percent of Americans have a firm belief in global warming, while there is a unanimous consensus among the American scientific community that global warming is real.

The Bullhorn staff decided to send a survey to all RCS students asking, “Do you believe global warming is real?”

The 400 responses loosely correlated with the American average, as was expected.

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