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Most want to attend, however prom can be expensive

By Sierra Bowes
Bullhorn Report er

Prom is a major event throughout high school history.

The Bullhorn staff decided to ask students their opinion on the event, its expenses, and reasons to go or not to go.

The main question is, of course, “Are you going to prom?” Answers ranged from, “Yes of course,” to “No, it’s a waste of money and time.”

From the answers we were given, it seems that the girls spend more than the guys spend.

The majority of girls spend an average of $100-$300 just on a dress. This doesn’t include the price of shoes, makeup and of course, hair.

The guys, however, have expenses as well, such as renting or purchasing a tuxedo, corsage, meal and prom tickets.

Senior Brandon Combs said, “The hardest part is trying to get the corsage to match the dress.”

Expenses vary according to whether one goes as a couple, group, or alone. Some have decided to not go at all because they haven’t been asked by anyone. Also, some would rather save their money than spend it on prom.

Katie Inman said, “Prom itself is too expensive,” and, because it is a school event it should be free.

Prom adviser Shelly Harris said, “The price of prom tickets and what we make during spirit week help pay for the supplies needed to make prom a special night.”

Students argued that they should be able to choose the theme of the prom because it is, of course, for them.

Before prom comes around, the students attend a presentation on drinking and driving. This is to show students the consequences that could occur after they leave prom and head off to other social activities.

Opinions on prom may vary but for most it is a much anticipated event that most agree will leave lasting memories.

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