2015-04-25 / The Bullhorn

Bulldog softball going strong

By Hannah Lunsford

The Roxboro Community School (RCS) middle school softball team is continuing its winning streak with a record of 5-1.

Captains Kailey Mangum and Karsin Lee lead the team of 13.

The team began the season with a loss to Vance Charter. However, they came back and haven’t lost a game since.

The girls are coached by Jeff Mangum, Anthony Lee and Hank Briggs.

Coach Mangum said he not only has good players, but he also has the two best pitchers in the conference.

“The biggest obstacle we have had throughout the season has been the weather and not being able to practice as much as we like. Other than that, we have a good team, especially for middle school softball players,” Mangum said.

Over the course of the season, the girls have become closer and have a stronger bond now than at the beginning, according to Mangum.

Kailey Mangum said softball is challenging at times, but most of the time it is fun.

“I enjoy being with my teammates. I feel like they trust me and can ask me anything,” she said.

Mangum concluded, “We’ve got a really good group of kids. They get along and like each other; there’s no animosity. It’s always fun, but they know when it’s time to be serious.”

The middle school softball team will play Vance Charter again on April 30.

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