2015-05-09 / The Bullhorn

Explaining the magic of 'The Wonderful World of Disney'

By Brandon Combs

The happiest place on earth. Since 1971 the Disney World park has brought out the inner child of everyone who enters.

From ole Steamboat Willie to the most popular characters today from Frozen, Disney World immerses everyone in a world of illusion and fantasy that influences so many people’s childhoods.

And Disney World just happens to be the backdrop for a vacation that made two Roxboro Community School seniors remember just how influential this place was on our childhood. We might have groaned, griped, and complained about the idea of making such a long journey for nothing more than a few actors in a mouse suit; however, as soon as we hopped aboard the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, that attitude disappeared instantaneously.

It’s amazing to see just how every member of the park does all he or she can to keep the magic alive; not once does anyone break character.

Every corner of the park is covered in mouse-shaped confectionary, shrubs, and clothing. The legacy of Walt Disney is truly unique; never once have I been around so many people and so at ease. It is almost like simultaneously everyone on the grounds remembers exactly what it was like to be a kid.

Just like a kid, everything strikes you with awe.

Something about Disney is truly special. Maybe it’s blasting off into space on Space Mountain, or riding alongside Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean, but then again maybe not.

The magic of Disney isn’t caused by thrilling rides, or the scenery or anything like that.

The magic of Disney lies in its ability to make the figures from your childhood come alive.

This magic is what causes two teenagers to slap on mouse ears and trek through the park from sunup to sundown, all in hopes of not missing a thing.

It’s what causes someone on their first trip to the park to come out with a Mickey Mouse balloon, a mouse-shaped cookie, half a dozen Disney pins, and memories that will last a lifetime.

That is the magic of Disney.

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