2015-05-30 / The Rock

Campus Life

By Noah Chambers and Hunter Williams

Many people tend to disassociate God with the public school system due to the separation of church and state. At Person High School (PHS), an association called Youth for Christ (YFC) operates a before- and after-school Christian-based club that is open to any student who desires to participate. The clubs are supervised by YFC Roxboro staff — people who work to build lasting relationships with students and to create a safe environment for young people to hang out in.

Campus Life is offered every Tuesday. Students often find Campus Life to be a safe haven where they can have a good time while learning more about balancing a relationship with God and the world around them.

The after-school program provides snacks, often engages in team-building games, shares Bible stories that offer teens positive support to challenges they face each day, and concludes each meeting with prayer requests as well as a closing group prayer.

YFC leaders visit the commons area outside of the PHS cafeteria on Tuesdays and Thursdays during all four lunches. They often engage students with an activity and award candy to participants.

PHS student Shelby Adcock said, “It is a very enriching experience that strengthens my relationship with the Lord, and it is also a great opportunity for fellowship.”

For more information about Campus Life, contact Tim Bowes with Youth for Christ Roxboro at 503- 9327.

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