2015-06-17 / Editorial

‘This is what American freedoms are truly about’

To the editor:

Last weekend close to 2,000 people met in Raleigh from all over the state to participate in the 2015 Republican Convention.

I had the chance to attend from Person County.

As a delegate I now understand better how our great political process works on the state and national level.

This was an opportunity to spend time with fellow grass root Republicans to better understand our election process. Several sessions were held covering the state party platform — any proposed amendments as well as any changes in rules or procedures.

Each one followed with pro/con discussions. Once this was done all delegates voted.

Throughout the sessions several speakers spoke. Some of the speakers were Cherie Berry, Dan Forest, Richard Dietz, Thom Tillis, Pat McCrory and a video from Richard Burr.

Other highlights were Friday dinner with Scott Walker, Saturday lunch with Ted Cruz, Saturday dinner with Donald Trump and Sunday breakfast with Dr. Ben Carson.

Each of the speakers expressed in their own way the importance of the 2016 election. As a U.S. citizen being part of this process is truly a responsibility and a privilege.

The final session resulted in the election of new State of North Carolina Republican Chairperson Hassan Harnett and new Vice Chairperson Michelle Nix.

They are experienced, dedicated people with energy, drive and the desire to successfully expand the Republican Party.

They will guide our state forward during 2016.

As a participant in this process, it is clear to me how important each and every citizen’s vote is.

Voting is a privilege and to protect that privilege for qualified voters, use of an accepted current ID at the voting booth is very important. Remember this process done correctly protects all of us.

This is what American freedoms are truly about.


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