2015-09-12 / The Bullhorn

Man On The Street

Work has begun on the RCS gym, multipurpose area project. We asked Bulldogs the question, “How do you feel about construction beginning on the Raise the Roof project?”

Taylor Murray, eighth-grade

“I heard about it and am very excited to play volleyball in the new gym next season.”

Kailey Mangum, eighth-grade

“I’m excited for the gym so we can have a home court to win Bulldog sports.”

Michael Clayton, eighth-grade

“It’s pretty cool.”

Kara Roberts, eight-12 teacher

“I’m really excited for it to provide more opportunities for students and my children in the future.”

Cole Underwood, ninth-grade

“It’ll be good because currently the P.E. room is too small.”

Mike Czysz, high school science teacher

“Since I was here before the building was ready to use many years ago, I find it quite amazing that we have come this far. It is a major accomplishment.”

Chipi Llerena, 11th-grade

“I’m excited for it to be done in time for my senior year.”

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