2015-10-03 / The Rock

Chorus sponsors car wash

By Morgan Talley and Carrie Suttle

The Person High School Chorus Department sponsored a car wash at Walker Insurance Agency on Sept. 19 to help raise funds for future choral events, such as Music Performance Assessments(MPA), class materials, school uniforms and field trip costs.

“There are so many things a quality choral program needs to be successful, and due to the limited resources provided to us by the county and school, the choral department is responsible for fundraising,” said chorus instructor Kirby Treadaway.

In order to be a member of the PHS chorus, students are asked to pay a $65 fee, or “fair share.” For students who have a financial need and are unable to pay the fair share, chorus fundraisers, such as the car wash, help those students raise money to pay the required fee.

“The fair share is a good idea to raise money for people who love to sing but can’t afford the chorus fees,” sophomore Aniyah Shannon said.

The car wash raised $420, enough to pay six fair-share fees for students who cannot afford the $65 fee.

Chorus students admit they enjoyed their time at the car wash, and appreciate the experience they had with their peers.

“I’ve been singing since I was four. Singing is one way to release emotions and make you more comfortable with yourself,” junior and current member of the Choral Council Alma Allen said.

Future choral fundraisers include cookie dough and candy bar sales, dinner and a show at Vesuvios and the Kirby Theater, and catalog orders.

PHS band director Jonathan Chesson said they will sponsor several fundraisers, including a car wash and golf tournament. Band fundraisers help pay instrument repair costs and field trip expenses.

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