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Scholarship applications available now

By Brianna Babot and Jazmin Ibarra

Scholarship applications are available to Person High School (PHS) students in the Guidance office and on the PHS Guidance web page, giving students opportunities to find ways to help pay for college.

PHS College Corps Advisor Sonam Aidasani is in charge of the scholarship applications.

“Most local scholarship applications are not available until the spring semester. More nationally competitive scholarship applications are available in the fall,” Aidasani said.

Seniors must act, speak with the staff in the guidance office, and submit applications before the deadlines pass.

The deadline has passed for the The QuestBridge National Match Scholarship, which helps exceptionally good students who do not have income for college, gain admission on a full four-year scholarship.

The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship, which offers college financial assistance for exceptional high school seniors, is due by Oct. 31.

Nov. 1 is an early deadline for the Ron Brown Scholar Program, which offers financial resources to help African American students get into some of the finest colleges and universities in the country.

The Sarah Elizabeth Morton Teach in Person Scholarship (TIPS) aims to bring dedicated young educators back to Person County after receiving a degree from a four-year institution. It is awarded on the basis of academic standing, character, leadership among peers, service in the community, and the preparation for a career in education. The deadline for the TIPS scholarship is April 24.

The PHS Guidance web page (http://phsdukecac. wix.com/personguidance) is a resource for students and parents.

Families who find themselves financially strained can find need-based grants and scholarships that are created specifically for those who are burdened by the costs.

There are many meritbased scholarships available, which are awarded to students based on academic achievement, athletic talent, dramatic ability, leadership, or other such leadership qualities.

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program selects 1,000 students with special talents to receive scholarships every year. It offers “good-through-graduation scholarships” that are valid at any college or university. The Gates scholarship is valued at approximately $250,000 at a four-year private university.

The PHS Guidance page also offers tips for scholarship searching.

Find information on how students may become eligible for certain merit-based scholarships through the PSAT, how to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to become eligible for need-based scholarships and grants, and how to contact college financial aid offices to find more ways to pay for college on the page.

The PHS Guidance staff also recommends asking civic, church, and community based organizations if they award college scholarships. Many in Person County offer multiple scholarships each year to Person County students.

Finding ways to fund a college education is available if students and parents will take the time to find out more and complete the applications.

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