2015-11-07 / The Bullhorn

Bulldog becomes Eagle Scout

By Delaney Sullivan
Bullhorn Editor

Jacob Whitlow Jacob Whitlow Jacob Whitlow, a Roxboro Community School (RCS) junior, has been a Boy Scout since he was 11. Whitlow has been in two troops, Troop 200 and Troop 239.

He became an Eagle Scout on June 3.

Whitlow said that to earn the rank of an Eagle Scout, one must be an active member in the troop after achieving the rank of a Life Scout, provide recommendations to the troop leaders on his behalf, and earn a minimum total of 21 merit badges.

Also, while a Life Scout, one must serve actively in his unit and plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or his community. One must take part in a unit leader conference, and finally, successfully complete an Eagle Scout board of review.

For Whitlow’s Eagle Scout project, he built an announcement board for RCS.

“I realized not many of the students in high school check the daily emails we receive to inform us of activities going on. I thought that an announcement board would work as a way for students to find out what is going on in our community and our school,” said Whitlow.

Whitlow has earned a total of 30 merit badges ranging from Cooking and Lifesaving to Chemistry and Personal Management.

Whitlow said that the Boy Scout program has made him the person he is today.

He said he has become a better leader, and a harder worker. The life lessons he has learned have taught him diligence and how to make quick decisions. Whitlow reflects on a time when his experience came in handy.

“While I was working at Cherokee Scout Reservation (CSR), a local Boy Scout Camp in Yanceyville, a Scout injured himself in one of the classes I taught,” said Whitlow, “and my knowledge of first aid allowed me to quickly assist the Scout’s injury.”

He said, “Being a Boy Scout prepares you for difficult tasks that you encounter in life. I am glad to say that I was a part of such a rewarding program, and the lessons I learned will forever mold who I am.”

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