2015-12-05 / The Bullhorn

Bulldogs Care

By Delaney Sullivan
Bullhorn Editor

This past Wednesday, Dec. 2, Roxboro Community School (RCS) had its second Community Day, a day when the school runs on a half day schedule and from 12:30-3 p.m. the students get with their homerooms and participate in an activity that has to do with the theme of the day.

Wednesday’s theme was literacy.

Many students went to schools to read to younger children, some made cards, others caroled and danced for the elderly. My homeroom played Bingo with the residents of Person County Group Homes. Every student – all seven of us – partnered with a person at the group home.

I don’t want to say that I was expecting something, but the experience was not at all like I expected. At the end of the Bingo game, when we needed to go back to school, the people at the group home hugged their partner before we left.

People don’t think reading a book or counting to 20 is a momentous feat, but for some people, it really is.

Literacy is a gift, and for some, it’s never not number one on their Christmas list.

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