2015-12-19 / The Bullhorn

Honoring our roots

By Delaney Sullivan
Bullhorn Editor

While setting up for the 10th annual Roxboro Community School Holiday Extravaganza in November, a vendor’s father and I got to talking about when RCS was the Roxboro Cotton Mill. When he was a boy, he and his family lived in the neighborhood across from RCS.

He said, “I remember dropping my mother off in the mornings, and she had the prettiest red hair and in the afternoons when I’d pick her up it had white in it. It looked like it had been snowing.” After listening to this man’s reflection on the past, I realized what a strong part of the community the mill was – both in the past and in the present. In this special edition of the Bullhorn, we interviewed mill workers to truly understand just how important and history-rich this part of Roxboro is.

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