2016-01-09 / The Bullhorn


By Sara Coates
Bullhorn Reporter

Despite all the things I’ve learned as a sophomore sitting in a wooden desk, in between four white walls plastered with posters, I think I’ve learned more from the creaking wooden floors in the crowded halls outside of the white walls than I learned within them.

The most important thing I learned was to listen. While you should listen inside of those walls, please listen outside of them too.

When your friend texts you at 2 a.m., answer and listen; this will be a conversation of great value. When you feel judgmental thoughts taking over your mind, listen to the positive ones. When you hear rumors flying through the hall like a tornado, throwing you around and pulling your trust away into it, listen, but allow them to flow in one ear and right back out of the other.

When you feel alone, listen to the silence.

When you catch the jock offering a helping hand to the classmate no one pays attention to, listen to what he says to her and believe in humanity again. When someone tells you their favorite song, listen to it; I promise this is really important. When the criticism fails to cease, smile, say thank you; listen to people that tell you you’re beautiful.

When you catch yourself holding more knowledge about each person walking down the hall than you hold of who you truly are, listen to yourself, remember that you’re a person too.

When you can’t forget how someone’s hand felt, ask a stranger to hold your hand and listen to the advice they give you, this will help you learn to move on.

When your math teacher explains that self-worth has nothing to do with grades, listen to him.

When the girl you used to despise is crying on the bathroom floor, ask her which boy broke her heart, and listen to her; one day you’re going to need someone to listen to you too.

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