2016-02-06 / The Bullhorn

Parker second runner-up in state scholarship program

By Sara Coates
Bullhorn Reporter

Roxboro Community School senior Alycia Parker, the Distinguished Young Woman of Roxboro for 2016, went on to compete in the Distinguished Young Women of North Carolina program on Jan. 29 and 30.

The state program includes all 18 Distinguished Young Women winners from across the state. The girls come together and rehearse for a week before one of them is named Distinguished Young Woman of North Carolina.

The first thing Parker said when asked about her experience was that she had a very busy week filled with rehearsals that lasted all day.

“Our week was abbreviated because of the snow, so instead of going on Friday as we were supposed to, we went on Sunday. Because we had a shorter amount of time together, it definitely put more pressure on us for the time we did have together to rehearse. The week was exhausting, but still filled with fun,” said Parker.

Parker, who was named second runner-up and took home awards in scholastics and judges interview, said she was not nervous at all.

“My only goal was to have fun and do my best – I figured it would work out in the way it was intended to,” she said.

Parker stated that she didn’t really expect to win anything other than Scholastics. She said it was surreal to think she had the third highest score of the 18 girls who were in the program.

“I just think everyone was so talented, intelligent and genuine,” Parker continued. “I was thrilled when my name was called for second runner up.”

Parker said she was overwhelmed with support.

“I was so elated to see that so many people cared about me going to the state program,” Parker continued.

“I am so appreciative for everyone who wished me well, got me gifts, and came to watch. I couldn’t have done it without everyone who cheered me on.”

Parker concluded by saying that she wouldn’t do anything differently because she did her best and focused on having fun, not winning.

To future contestants, Parker says, “Remember it’s not about the names that are called at the end of the program; it’s about the experience and who you get to spend time with throughout your journey.”

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