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The teaching experience of Russell Fryczynski

Kayleigh Long
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RCS science teacher Russell Fryczynski RCS science teacher Russell Fryczynski New Roxboro Community School (RCS) science teacher, Russell Fryczynski, is happy to be a Bulldog, but enjoyed his time as a Rocket as well.

As a child, Mr. Fry, as he’s called by students, always enjoyed school. His teachers and coaches were the most influential people in his youth, his said. Mr. Fry’s own parents were educators; and they taught him the importance of, “doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing” among other values.

At first, Mr. Fry went to NC State University to major in meteorology. He found out later that it wasn’t right for him, so he went into teaching instead. So, Mr. Fry combined his love for science with his affinity towards teaching and to earn his degree in secondary science education.

As a teacher, Mr. Fry has taught Earth science, Advanced Placement environmental science, physics, physical science, anatomy and physiology, and astronomy. He first taught as a student at Cary High School for a semester. His first paid teaching position was at Person High School (PHS) in January of 2004. He started teaching math first, but then transferred to science the following fall.

Mr. Fry taught at PHS for 12 years. He said he had more good days than bad days, and that he enjoyed working alongside many wonderful teachers and administrators who helped mold him into the educator he is today.

Mr. Fry said he had heard good things about the learning environment at RCS, and was honored to join the Bulldog family this year.

“So far, everyone has made me feel so welcome and the transition has been smooth,” Mr. Fry said. His daughter also got into RCS, which he thought seemed like a good fit.

The best part of teaching, in Mr. Fry’s opinion, is making connections with students. He may not remember the names of all his students, but he remembers the connections he made with them.

“Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” Mr. Fry remembers his mentor telling him. Mr. Fry tries hard true to that maxim to this day.

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