2016-10-22 / The Bullhorn

RCS alumni appear in feature film ‘The Matchbreaker’

By Delaney Sullivan and Grace Hardy
Bullhorn Reporters

Roxboro Community School (RCS) Class of 2010 alums Wesley Elder and Amaris Kirby star in The Matchbreaker, an independent film.

Elder has been pursuing a career in film for several years. He has acted in and produced several independent films in North Carolina, Virginia, and Kansas. During this time, Elder met other people in the film industry including Caleb and Cory Vetter of Vetter Brothers Filmworks.

Last week, the Vetter Brothers Filmworks production of The Match- Breaker premiered in California. A second premier was held in the Vetter brothers’ hometown of Kansas City, MO.

The cast of The Matchbreaker consists of You- Tube celebrities Olan Rogers, Tessa Violet and Shawna Howsen, traditional actors including Osric Chau, Ben Davies and Torry Martin, and Christina Grimmie, a finalist on season six of the NBC show, The Voice.

In The Matchbreaker, Elder plays the lead male role, Ethan, and he was also the producer.

Kirby was the script supervisor and played a supporting character.

Another RCS alumna, Savannah Elder, class of 2016, worked on set as well.

“It was neat to see Wesley and Amaris, kids from little ole’ Roxboro, walk the red carpet at a premiere on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood,” said Cassandra Elder, Wesley and Savannah’s mom.

The movie will be shown nationally Nov. 2-9, in select large markets.

For smaller markets, such as Roxboro, the distributor has partnered with the company Tugg to host showings.

The local showing is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 3 at Palace Pointe but has not been confirmed to date.

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