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PCO on the Go in December

Susan Bowen, coordinator of Person County Outreach, a branch of the library, walked into a local day care facility with a stuffed bear puppet on her arm.

Bear is sleepy now that December is here. He spent the days of fall fattening up, readying for cold weather.

He couldn’t stop yawning and his eyelids drooped. He crawled into a ball in Bowen’s lap and fell asleep.

She told the children, “As long as it is cold outside, he’ll sleep. It’s called hibernation. If it is cold in the morning, will he wake up?

No, he will sleep.

If it is cold at lunchtime, will he wake up? No, he’ll sleep. If it is cold at dinner, he’ll sleep. All day, all night; day in and day out.

So if it is cold at Christmas, will he wake up? No, he will sleep right through the holiday.

His friends feel bad for him. They know Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, said Bowen.

She pulls out Karma Wilson’s Bear Stays Up for Christmas and reads.

“’Dear Bear, GET UP!’ Mouse shouts in his ear. We won’t let you sleep through Christmas this year.”

At every turn of the page, Bear tries to fall asleep but his friends keep him up. As the hour grows late, the friends fall asleep but Bear stays up to make presents to surprise all his friends.

The pages come alive in Winter’s Tale by Robert Sabuka. It is a pop-up journey through the wilderness. Readers discover where animals seek shelter from the cold and find food in the snow in wondrous scenes rising from each page.

Santa’s Stuck by Rhonda Greene is a humorous tale of a bloated Saint Nick getting stuck in the chimney after feasting on too many snacks.

Reindeer pull from the roof, house pets push from the hearth as the little ones slumber.

Will they get Santa out in time to complete his Christmas deliveries?

The children are delighted with the seasonal tale and their eyes sparkle in anticipation of their own happy Christmas.

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