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RCS student accepted into NSHSS Ambassador Program

By Madison Fuller
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Alivia Lewis Alivia Lewis Roxboro Community School (RCS) junior Alivia Lewis was accepted into the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) Ambassador Program.

NSHSS is an honor society that acknowledges top academic achievers from high schools around the world. The program connects young scholars with others globally, allowing for additional resources to help them succeed in scholarships, leaderships, and service. The mission of the scholarly program is to recognize academic success of ambitious students across the globe.

Lewis was invited to become a part of NSHSS in early August 2015. She received an invitation from NSHSS via a letter and said she was ecstatic to see what the program had to offer.

“It looked promising to help boost my academic success and it appeared to give an amplitude of opportunities for volunteering,” said Lewis.

Lewis accepted the invitation and became an official member of NSHSS in September 2015.

NSHSS offers many opportunities to its members. Some include scholarships, programs, college prep, and career prep.

I n an effort to become a more active mem- ber of NSHSS, Lewis applied for its Ambassador Program in mid-September 2016.

The Ambassador Program is for those who show academic excellence, strong commitment to community service, and exhibit leadership within their high schools. Ambassadors act as role models and help organize community service projects and meetings with fellow NSHSS Ambassador members.

On Oct. 4, Lewis received an acceptance email from NSHSS welcoming her as an official NSHSS Ambassador.

“It was exhilarating to receive the acceptance email since I wanted to be an active member of NSHSS,” said Lewis. “I think this program will be extremely beneficial because it gives me the opportunity to help our growing community and expose the people in our community to how they can help others to see us, as a whole, succeed.”

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