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New Spanish teacher welcomed

By Madison Fuller
Bullhorn Reporter

William Storrs, new Spanish I and II teacher at Roxboro Community School 
Photo by Carly Long William Storrs, new Spanish I and II teacher at Roxboro Community School Photo by Carly Long Roxboro Community School (RCS) has introduced a new high school Spanish I and II teacher, William Storrs, for the school year.

Storrs came to RCS after his job of teaching beginning Spanish at the University of Florida (UF).

He read about RCS online when searching for places to start his high school teaching career.

“It seemed like such a welcoming environment, and I loved that the administration gives teachers so much autonomy in their classroom,” said Storrs.

Along with working as a teacher at UF, Storrs also had internships there.

One was with a studyabroad company that let him work as a translator and student liaison in Salamanca, Spain.

Another, called Breakthrough Collaborative, allowed Storrs to teach English literature and music theory to fifth graders at a summer school in Miami, Florida.

Storrs said he first had the thought of wanting to be a teacher when he was in the first grade.

He explained that he has always loved learning and wanted to help other students do the same.

Storrs said that throughout eighth grade and high school, his Spanish teachers would offer to let him teach certain topics in Spanish class to his peers.

“That was an unforgettable experience that really served as my first taste of the profession,” said Storrs.

Storrs explained that the thing about Spanish that really hooked him in the beginning was the thought that there are people all over the world who conduct their lives and every thought in a different language than him.

He said as he learned more Spanish, the more he knew more people. “For me, Spanish unlocked an entire region of the globe and allows me to communicate with hundreds of thousands of people who I would otherwise be unable to get to know,” Storrs continued.

“This communication leads to understanding, collaboration, and acceptance of other people and cultures that we may otherwise never appreciate or value.”

Storrs said the reason he teaches Spanish is so he can give his students the opportunity to move outside their comfort zone and learn to value the contribution that every human, regardless of background, gives to our world.

Storrs said what keeps him coming back to RCS every morning are the students.

“I’ve seen my students experience such terrific growth in the four short months I’ve been here, and I hope that they will continue that growth into the future,” said Storrs.

“The administration, faculty, staff, and students have all been incredibly welcoming and have made me proud to be a Bulldog.”

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