2016-12-31 / The Bullhorn

A day at the University of Virginia

By Kayleigh Long
Bullhorn Reporter

On Nov. 30, I and the rest of the Roxboro Community School AP Academy took an interesting tour of the University of Virginia’s campus.

The day started when I woke up around 4:45 a.m. to prepare for the trip.

Since UVA is out of state, everyone had to wake up early so the bus could leave early.

During the bus ride, I surfed the web on my phone and listened to an audio book. Staff told us to expect rain during our tour, but once we arrived at the university I was pleased to see that the predicted rain had already passed.

The campus was gorgeous, even when covered with puddles and runoff from the previous rainstorm. Brick buildings were adorned with white columns that possessed intricate details and trees could be seen almost everywhere.

After taking a group photo, I and the rest of the students headed inside the Peabody building in order to listen to a speech by one of the members of the admissions office. He regaled us with stories of unique essays he has read throughout his career, including a quirky essay on nail polish.

Once the speech was over, our group followed a tour guide around campus. We explored the library, saw a building that held dorm rooms, and a field.

I and a few other AP members spotted Z’s painted onto bricks and stairs during the tour. One student thought that the Z stood for the XYZ affair done by Thomas Jefferson, the president who had UVA built. However, we were told that the Z was the calling card of one of the several secret societies on campus.

This particular secret society makes a list of ‘rebels’ and ‘tyrants’ at the end of the year, the ‘rebels’ being people who’ve added to the community and the ‘tyrants’ being people who’ve helped very little.

After the tour, the AP Cohort settled down to eat lunch. The food was tasty to me, but I felt the cafeteria was lacking in terms of variety.

After lunch we walked over to the bookstore. I was tickled to see an entire section in the store dedicated to quirky gag gifts. From Edgar Allen Poe action figures and solar-powered popes to instant underwear and cat-butt magnets, this section had everything. I bought myself some bacon candy canes and almost picked up some Shakespearean insult bandages. One of my peers bought a stuffed toy of the measles.

I enjoyed the tour to UVA overall; however I do not plan on attending the school.

It has a good academics program and campus culture, but the university is a little to big and far away from home for my taste.

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