2017-01-21 / The Rock

Spirit Committee boosts spirits

By Darius Turner and Christen Stewart

Person High School Spirit Committee members have opportunities to have fun and fellowship with coworkers throughout the school year.

Committee members include teachers Kayla Haga, Allison Bowers, and Angie Utley and assistant principal, Stacey Alters.

The spirit committee hosted a welcome lunch for new PHS teachers on Sept. 21.

The holidays brought a time to celebrate with a Halloween costume party, a Christmas spirit week with themed days for dressing up in different holiday attire, as well as a Christmas party that included food, door prizes and a stocking exchange.

A “Praise Binder” is circulating around the school.

In the Praise Binder, teachers write an encouraging note about a colleague, passes the binder to that teacher, who then writes a note to another teacher to pass on.

The Praise Binder process continues throughout the school year.

“The spirit committee is trying to remind teachers how important they are. Little treats can boost spirits and keep us going when we think no one is noticing our hard work. We want each teacher to feel loved and valued. Everyone deserves a pat on the back now and then,” said Bowers.

“I am a Pinterest addict and being part of the committee allows me to have a captive audience to try out all types of neat ideas that I find there. I also like to let my peers know they are valued,” said Bowers.

Haga said, “I want to make the school more enjoyable for teachers and students.

“Happier teachers leads to happier students. We want the school to feel more like family by building stronger staff relationships so members are encouraged to stay and make contributions to PHS for years to come,” said Haga.

The Spirit Committee is currently planning Valentine’s Day and end of the school year events for staff.

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