2017-01-21 / The Rock

Students attend Local Government Day

By Courtney Davis and Camryn Tuck

The annual Local Government Day was held on Nov. 21.

Students who are enrolled in civics and economics for the 2016-2017 school year were invited to participate to learn about services offered through the Person County government and to gain an understanding of how Person County operates.

PHS history teacher Justin Pergerson said, “Students traveled on six buses to various government locations. At each destination students either witnessed a meeting or listened to a presentation made by staff from each branch of the local government. Each group had a different experience.”

Group one visited the Person County Board of Education, the Roxboro Police Department and the Roxboro Fire Department. Group two visited the Board of Education, the Person County Tax Office, the Register of Deeds, and the 911 Center. Group three attended the Roxboro City Council Meeting, visited the Person County Department of Social Services, the Person County Health Department and the Person County jail. Group four visited the City Council, Person County EMS and the Person County Recycling Center. Group five visited the courthouse, the Environmental Health Department, and the Person County Forestry. Group six attended a Person County Commissioners meeting, visited Person County Public Library and visited Person County Department of Parks and Recreation.

Sophomore Tiffani Hargrove said, “At the 911 Center, I learned how the police can track people and determine the location of a 911 call. The Register of Deeds was my favorite place visited. While there, I was able to look at my mother’s birth certificate.”

Sophomore Hailey Bruce said, “At the fire department, our group learned about the different parts of fire trucks and how they can only hold a couple hundred gallons of water. I thought it was interesting that a little bit of water is supposed to last at a fire until they find a water source or another truck comes.”

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