2017-01-28 / The Bullhorn

Why the AP Cohort is beneficial to me

By Kayleigh Long
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The AP cohort is a course for gifted students that offers several college-level classes, and I am glad I joined it.

I was ecstatic when I first heard of the AP cohort as an eighth grader. My ninth grade year would be the cohort’s debut, and I had the chance to be one of its first members. I knew that this course of study would be rigorous, yet I knew the challenge would aid me in the long run. After discussing the idea of joining with my parents and teachers, I wrote my entry essay.

I was overjoyed to hear that a number of my friends and I were accepted.

The AP cohort assigned me and the rest of my group to a mentor who would look after us and provide us with insight. Our classes were chosen for us, which ensured that we would meet all of our requirements for graduation and also be challenged.

As of this year, my junior year, I have taken six AP classes, three of which I am finishing by the end of this year. Since I’ve been in the AP Academy, I have had to study longer and put more thought into my work to keep my A in a class. Taking notes during class has become second nature to me, and my writing skills have improved greatly.

The courses I take are strenuous and require me to spend more time and effort in my studies, but they have helped me hone my knowledge and teach me strategic approaches to assignments. I believe that the AP academy has prepared me well for my years in college, and I encourage any eighth graders who want to take their education to the next level to join the cohort in the beginning of their high school career.

Joining the AP cohort was a wise choice on my part, as the college level classes have enhanced my learning career and prepared me for my future.

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