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Libraries don’t operate for free

To the editor:

The library is available to every citizen of Person County. There are no necessary entitlements, no need to qualify. All citizens have access to all that is offered on an equal basis. My guess is that no other agency or branch of the county government serves as many citizens. No other branch provides the variety of services.

Any reduction of personnel or funding of acquisitions or operations would be a disservice to our citizenry.

I have served as a member and vice president of one of Person County’s outstanding volunteer fire and rescue operations. I fully understand the need for maintenance and ongoing modernization, both in the area of equipment and training.

Nothing comes free, regardless of whether it is described as or looked upon as such. That applies to each and every branch of our government. Keeping all of the county agencies operational at optimum level is not something that is defined by opinion. Costs are 100 percent more likely to increase than decrease.

If a tax increase is necessary, then so be it. Raising taxes can be more of a political issue than an economic one. Do not allow the politics of the issue influence your decisions.

Our elected officials who deal with finances must be continuously seeking to provide the best of services with the minimum of waste.

What we need, not what we want, is something that we all must consider, whether with our personal spending or the spending of taxpayer’s dollars. Person

County has no money, it is the citizens of Person County’s money.


Libraries need county’s support

To the editor:

Please consider raising property taxes to support the essential service provided by our volunteer fire departments and our equally essential human services.

A common theme, among the books that our Person County Library’s Book Bunch has read, has been the significance of public libraries in providing a safe and encouraging space for people, especially children, whose lives are otherwise harsh.

Books give hope that the world can be better and guidance for making it so.

I am convinced that services, such as those provided under the committed and innovative leadership of Christy Bond at the library, are essential to making it true that “It’s Better In Person.”

Library hours and book collections need to be extended, not cut.

We need to ask something more of our children and citizens than to “Just Say No” to the drugs that are an increasingly serious problem in Person County.

We need to offer many opportunities to “Just Say Yes” to lifelong learning and health.

Lynn S. Wilson

Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to all five Person County commissioners. A copy was sent to The Courier-Times for publication.



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