2017-02-18 / The Rock

Rock Star Student of the Week

By Jazmin Ibarra

Shawndale Sanford is recognized as this week’s Rock Star Student of the Week for his kindness and eagerness to do well in school.

“From the moment Mr. Sanford enters my classroom each day, it is clear he is there to work,” said Matthew West, Sanford’s English teacher. “He works well with others and helps to keep his classmates focused on the task at hand. I consider him a true student leader and am grateful for his daily presence in my class.”

History is Sanford’s favorite subject. In his ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade years, Sanford played football for the Rockets. Unfortunately, he couldn’t play during his senior year, but he was still able to be on the sidelines.

One of Sanford’s favorite outside of school activities is weightlifting, and he hopes to get into coaching soon. He also plans on joining the chess club.

Sanford said that he wants to be involved in something small like that to get to know more people.

“I’m nice to everybody and I get along with everybody,” said Sanford.

He claims that this is how he achieved becoming the Rock Star Student of the Week. He makes sure that he treats everyone with kindness and respect, and that is one of the reasons why he is recognized as the student of the week.

“I try to show respect to everyone who comes across my path,” said Sanford.

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