2017-02-25 / The Bullhorn

Ingram receives 2nd consecutive ‘Player of the Year’ award

By Delaney Sullivan
Bullhorn Editor

Roxboro Community School (RCS) basketball player Elana Ingram has won the North Central Athletic Association Player of the Year title two years in a row.

The RCS point guard has been playing basketball since she was eight years old.

Ingram has played through many injuries and is persistent in her desire to play the best possible game.

“What keeps me motivated to play is wanting to be the best to where people will not take a second guess that I am the best on the court and off of the court,” Ingram said.

Another motivator for the high school junior is “knowing how much hard work [she puts] in to help reach [her] goals and dreams of playing Division 1 college basketball.” Ingram added, “I have to bring it every night.”

Ingram has had several colleges watch her play and has received scholarship offers to play basketball at Division I colleges.

She siad that her family members are her biggest fans.

Ingram said, “My family supports me tremendously. They are my biggest fans, critics, and they are a huge support system. I can’t remember a game that I have played in my career where my family wasn’t there cheering me on.” Ingram’s older brother, Christian, graduated RCS in 2015 and is alao a reason she plays ball.

“My brother is a very hard worker and a great player. I look up to him not only as a sibling but as an athlete because of his work ethic and desire to be the best,” said Ingram.

Ingram also said that without her team, the game wouldn’t be the same. “Teamwork is a huge part of basketball. If you are not one unit then that is like you trying to play alone and that is very hard to do.”

Ingram said that after she graduates RCS in 2018, she plans on going to a college or university and will continue playing basketball.

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