2017-03-04 / The Rock

French exchange students arrive at PHS

By Jazmin Ibarra and Sarah Boone

During their tour, French Exchange students pose for a photo in front of the well on the UNC campus. During their tour, French Exchange students pose for a photo in front of the well on the UNC campus. On Feb. 4, French exchange students arrived to North Carolina after the flight overseas from Strasbourg, France. They were welcomed by their host families and then began their temporary American lives.

The 13 French students and two teachers are from André Siegfried High School. During their stay in America, the French students attended classes at Person High School, toured Person County, and visited Greensboro, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill.

The exchange students visited the International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro, which they said they found interesting.

In France, students are not taught about American history, so the field trip to the Civil Rights Museum was a new experience. They also visited the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh. They toured the campus of UNC Chapel Hill and Franklin Street. They also visited downtown Roxboro and visited several businesses.

“Breakfast in America is very, very different,” said exchange student Axelle Cesse, “We do not eat chicken biscuits in the morning in France. This is the first time I’ve had a chicken biscuit.”

Cesse also said, “American people are good.” The French are accustomed to eating light breakfasts such as nonsugary cereals. The way the French have lunch and the way Americans have lunch are different. According to Cesse, the French typically eat fast food about once a month.

Exchange student Paul- Emile Sommer said his best experiences while here were improving his English and “watching the Superbowl with my host family.” Sommer is used to watching soccer in France, so watching football was a new experience.

Many of the French students said the roads and buildings in America are larger than in France.

PHS students who hosted the students were Alicia Spence, Collin Chandler, Camryn Leirer, Kayla Tuck, Olivia Kafer, Morgan Talley, Alexandra Chapman, Silvia Espinoza, Caitlyn Mayer and Dalton Blume.

A PHS trip to France is planned for November 2017.

The French exchange students stayed in Person County for two weeks before returning home.

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