2017-03-04 / The Rock

Remembering Our Rockets

Faith Fitzgerald Faith Fitzgerald In recent months, Person High School has experienced three unexpected losses from the Rocket family.

Last summer, we lost rising junior, Faith Fitzgerald, who was a talented cheerleader and vocalist. Over the Christmas holiday break, we lost science teacher, Thomas Grolle. Most recently, PHS staff and students said goodbye to junior DeMari Daye.

Close friend Taylor Bowes said of Fitzgerald, “Faith was a very caring person, and the best friend I have had. She was caring, bright, and super talented.”

Science teacher Sara Cox said of Grolle, “You could talk to him about anything. He was such a wonderful friend.”

In addition to being a dedicated teacher, Grolle swam six to eight miles each day before work, was a certified EMT and a veteran.

“He would tell these dry jokes that were difficult for his coworkers to catch until they were halfway down the hall,” Cox said with a smile on her face. Cox also shared her memories of Daye. “He would always stop by to say hello with a grin on his face.”

DeMari Daye DeMari Daye “Experiencing classes and a friendship with him is something I’ll never regret. He was such an honest and trustworthy person to have around. The amount of inspiration and hope he put into the people around him was astonishing,” said friend, Britney Annas.

On Feb. 17, PHS hosted a special remembrance for Daye that included a choral performance of, See You Again, by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth and a balloon release.

Members of the junior class, PHS staff, and local law enforcement and fire department personnel attended.

Thomas Grolle Thomas Grolle

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