2017-03-18 / Education

North End holds ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ event in Feburary

By Maria D. Grandy
Courier-Times Staff Writer

North End Elementary school held its 20th annual Jump Rope for Heart, Friday, Feb. 24. Physical eduction teacher Ashley Douma has coordinated the event since its inception.

“We incorporate this event into our jump rope unit. Grades K-2 worked on jumping and landing skills then learned to jump with short jump ropes. Grades three through five reviewed jumping with small ropes, jumped with long ropes and learned new tinikling activities,” Douma said.

Tinikling is a traditional Philippine dance performed with two students tapping tinkling poles on the ground as a dancing student hops in and out of the poles.

The students raised money in different ways, 77 returned donation envelopes to the school. Others,

Douma said, participated by buying hearts for a prize raffle. The school also held a hat day and a pajama day to raise extra funds.

“Money was raised through pledge donations. A lot of them took advantage of donating online; this year we also accepted cash and checks.”

The students increased the amount of money raised last year by $1,040. They also passed their goal of $3,000. This year’s event raised $3,921. The money will be donated to the American Heart Association.

“So they have voted for me to wear a cheeseburger outfit with a french fry hat to school to teach in one day during the month of March. I am so proud of our students; they are true heart heroes,” she said. “The top 10 money raisers will be allowed to squirt mustard and ketchup on me as part of the celebration.”

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