2017-04-19 / Editorial

Volunteers add to the richness of life

Two stories in Saturday’s edition of The Courier Times illustrate an important point.

The value of volunteers is immeasurable.

The Roxboro Jaycees recognized a handful of Person County residents and community leaders who have given of themselves, their time and their talents to improve the lives of others.

Each person, in his or her own way, found multiple ways to serve the community beyond the work they are paid to do.

In another tip of the hat to volunteers, the local Girl Scout Council has been celebrating the volunteers who lead troops, plan expeditions and fundraisers and mentor young girls who take advantage of the lessons Scouting has to offer.

And though the people recognized last week represent only a small part of the volunteer force in Person County, it is vitally important that we maintain Person County’s volunteer spirit.

The value of the unpaid manpower is incalculable to most of us because we can’t get a true picture of the scope of volunteerism in our region, precisely because volunteerism goes on in so many ways we don’t even recognize.

Whether you’re volunteering as a PTA member or at your church, whether you participate in volunteer service through a civic club or formal membership on a non-profit board. the work a volunteer provides makes the community go.

Imagine trying to pay for all the work volunteers do on a regular basis. It would bankrupt even the deepest bank account.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the people who give of themselves in this way and the very best way we can pay tribute to their service is by committing ourselves to provide the same kind of sharing of our own time and talent.

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