2017-04-29 / The Rock

Students attend production of ‘My Fair Lady’

by Brandon Bonner and Britney Annas

On April 19, Person High School English teacher, Blakely Lord, took Honors and Advanced Placement English students to a production of My Fair Lady, a musical staged by the Playmakers Repertory Company on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

The musical was based off the myth, Pygmalion, which is a story about a man creating a statue of a woman and falling in love with her.

My Fair Lady is about an illiterate, poor girl who is picked up by a rich man, taught proper english, and groomed to be the perfect woman.

Lord’s AP English classes read the play of Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw.

Lord thought seeing an actual live stage performance of the reading would be a good opportunity for students to witness the play themselves.

“Some students learn better, actually seeing the play reenacted, than just reading the text,” said Lord.

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