2017-05-17 / Editorial

Person Memorial answers the call

To the editor:

The first week of April, I, like many other Personians, came down with what I thought was the flu. After three days of rest and over-the-counter medication I was no better. In fact I was having difficulty breathing. I went to Person Memorial’s emergency room for treatment after my doctor’s office had closed.

After walking across the parking lot I was barely able to breathe at all and was unable to speak upon arriving.

The staff immediately assisted and stabilized me with no time to waste.

At this point I was so ill that I only remember many caring individuals running tests on me and assisting in treatment to help me feel better.

I was then admitted into the hospital with pneumonia and spent the next four days there recovering.

This is the longest period of time I have spent in any hospital in all of my 51 years so you can imagine my discomfort of being away from home and loved ones.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who helped me during my time there.

There was not one member of the staff that did not perform their job like a true professional. From the physicians to the housekeeping staff, this hospital has some really nice caring people working in it.

Special thanks to the ER doctor an the respiratory therapist whose words of wisdom and support have been instrumental in me not picking up a single cigarette since being there.

Also thanks to the nurses who were very understanding when I was cranky and didn’t take it personally. The food and nutrition, housekeeping, patient registration an other staff always showed genuine concern for my wellness.

Over the years I have heard people’s opinions about Person Memorial Hospital and, admittedly, I’ve heard a few who were not flattering.

I encourage all, after my experience, to rethink our local hospital for treatment. The hospital has talented physicians and staff and truly cares about its patients.

Angela Rocker


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