2017-08-12 / Editorial

Sparking innovation in our public schools

If charter schools in North Carolina have been good for anything, it’s clear they have driven innovation within the traditional public schools.

Two pieces of evidence right here in Person County point out that fact.

Last week, students at Person Early College began classes. These are high school students being exposed to the traditional high school curriculum with the opportunity to take more challenging classes through Piedmont Community College. These students have an opportunity not only to earn their high school diploma, but an associate’s degree too.

Also last week, the Person County Board of Education agreed to begin studying the creation of a dual immersion program at two of its elementary schools, which would help the county’s youngest students develop proficiency in a second language.

If the programs are successful at one or both of those schools, the idea would be to extend the offerings through a middle school program and, eventually, a high school International Baccaluareate program.

Both options give students the chance at more education than they could have recieved just a few years ago.

That kind of innovation and creativity can’t help but improve the educational experience in traditional public schools.

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