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Pictured are members of the Rock staff, front row, left to right, Carrie Beaver, Kylie Blackwell, Angel Powell, Jobie Fie, Brittany Farman, Courtney Davis; middle row, Iya Hairson, Jairiya Woods, Christen Stewart, Octavia Clayton, Makayla Ramsey, Olivia Gentry, Abigail Gentry; back row, Frank GarciaPerez, Andrew Carpenter, Makayla Talley, Emma Duncan, Genuine Morris, Hunter Williams and Payton Krause. Pictured are members of the Rock staff, front row, left to right, Carrie Beaver, Kylie Blackwell, Angel Powell, Jobie Fie, Brittany Farman, Courtney Davis; middle row, Iya Hairson, Jairiya Woods, Christen Stewart, Octavia Clayton, Makayla Ramsey, Olivia Gentry, Abigail Gentry; back row, Frank GarciaPerez, Andrew Carpenter, Makayla Talley, Emma Duncan, Genuine Morris, Hunter Williams and Payton Krause. The Person High School journalism program is excited to introduce the Fall 2017 staff members. Each of these 20 young men and women look forward to sharing the exciting and innovative things happening on the campus each day.

Kylie Blackwell

I am a 16-year-old senior at Person High School who is outgoing and loves to talk to people. I love to play volleyball and I also do a lot of photography. I am sweet and funny, and my friends say that I can be understanding of others. Although I haven’t decided what I want to do once I get out of college, I am still hardworking and I plan on doing the best I can in everything I do. I go to church at Antioch Baptist Church and I absolutely love it there because everyone is really nice and they all act like a family. I also have a lot of friends and I enjoy hanging out with them and having fun with them.

Andrew Carpenter

I am currently a senior at Person High School (PHS), and I am in journalism. I have previously taken journalism during my sophomore year of high school, and thought it was interesting, so I decided to take it again. A little bit about myself — I think of myself as an outgoing, humorous, laid-back kind of person, and I feel like most people would agree. I am a typical teenager who has a lot of concern for how my hair looks and if my shirt has wrinkles in it. I spend most of my time playing football here at PHS, so I spend everyday after school at practice or at a game on Fridays. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball with friends, working out, or playing video games. I am not much of a writer, but I do enjoy being creative, with things such as graphic design, which I enjoy doing periodically. Basically, I am a typical person with a passion for a few things, and in a way, that describes who I am.

Octavia Clayton

I attend Person High School as a junior. I am new to writing but it is something I like doing even though I have never written a lot. I don’t have many friends, I´m very mature, and I’m sort of a book nerd and I always have been. I have considered becoming an author one day, which is part of the reason why I decided to take journalism. I am not a very social person which is why I believe I like writing and have considered becoming an author. My books will most likely involve monkeys. I also dream of attending a college, NC State University, and I believe improving my writing could benefit me in college, throughout life, and my future career, which I hope will be in the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). I also enjoy dancing, although I’m not very good at that. I’m crafty and I like being creative. I am looking forward to seeing how journalism will improve my writing and benefit me in the long run.

Courtney Davis

Sixteen years and I still cannot think of a single way to begin describing myself, but I will try. I am a third year Rock staff member, and I am extremely excited to be taking this class again. As a high school junior, I am still trying to find where I fit in this perplexing world. At the moment, I would like to major in English. Writing has always been my escape from reality, whether I am writing poetry or simply journaling. I am a member of Person High School’s Students for Equality (SFE) and am a member of the PHS Cross Country team. For 13 years, I have dedicated my life to dance at Christi’s Dance Center. It has helped me express myself alongside music and writing when I am feeling lost. Lastly, I am a lover of puppies, a Netflix binge watcher, and a consumer of too many cupcakes.

Brittany Farman

I am a 17-year-old senior at Person High School, and this is my second year writing for the Rock page. When asked to describe myself, I hesitate at first, but eventually the words talkative and bubbly come to mind. I am a member of National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Future Farmers of America, and the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council. I have one sister, Allie, who I love very much. At age five, I developed a love for dance and have been dancing at Christi’s Dance Center ever since. Lastly, I love pigs, my favorite show is Friends, and Guns N’ Roses is my favorite band, because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good 80s hair band?

Frank Garcia-Perez

I am a Person High School junior who is quiet but will be more social throughout the year. I also play varsity football and am a member of National Honor Society. My favorite thing to do after school is to play video games and listen to music on my phone. Most of the time, I don’t have time to do this as I work at a restaurant. I tend to do well in school as I want to get into a fouryear university after high school, specifically the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I hope to get a bachelor’s degree in criminology. This is my first year on the Rock page staff and I am excited to be on the staff.

Aby Gentry

I am a 14-year-old freshman at Person High School who is so lost in this school and even when someone tells me the way I still stay confused, but I will overcome Person High School. Recently, I have transferred from Roxboro Community School after I finished out middle school. I play volleyball year-round by playing school ball, travel ball, and beach volleyball in the summer. My life basically consists of volleyball year round. In school volleyball, I am a setter and right side hitter on the JV Person Volleyball team, and in travel volleyball, I am a left back passer when I’m not a libero for Jammers South Granville Volleyball Club. Because I play volleyball so much, I tend to stay tired and that makes me seem quiet. As the school year goes on I get used to small amount of sleep and I become more of my social self. Even with my busy schedule I still keep my grades up because I work hard even if it means staying up until 3 in the morning. Whenever I have free time I love to sleep and watch Netflix, like any typical teenager. My show right now on Netflix is Grey’s Anatomy and it is so good. I am active in the North Carolina Bushy Fork Grange as much as I can be whenever I can get there to the meetings. After finishing high school I am planning on going to North Carolina State University to become a veterinarian. I don’t like kids much so I’m not gonna have a lot of kids.

Payton Krause

Hello Person County. First off, I must tell you about the most important part of my life which is dance. I have been dancing since I was five years old and currently attend Fabulous Feet Dance Academy every day of the week and happen to be lucky enough to have Heather Sanford as my dance teacher. I have a busy life, from Monday to Thursday I am at dance for about three or four hours each night. I am also a captain of the Person High School Drill Team, so add practices and games onto my schedule and let’s just say I have a supportive mom who is always willing to drive me to and from practice, competitions, and dance classes. I enjoy eating, a lot, all the time. It doesn’t really matter what it is because I love food. This is my fifth time writing for the Rock page and I love writing almost as much as I love to dance and eat. If you ask anyone, they can tell you all about my love for Grey’s Anatomy. I actually named my car “Meredith” after the character Meredith Grey in the TV show. I absolutely love animals and have what I guess you could call a “bad habit” of bringing stray animals home. I like science and the study of the weather. I’ve always like storms and the idea of tracking and chasing them, and I think I would like to pursue a career in it later on in life. I’m currently 17 and I am senior at PHS. After high school I hope to attend college at North Carolina State University and major in meteorology and dance.

Genuine Morris

I am a 17-year-old junior at Person High School and I currently play football and wrestle for Person; this will be my third year playing both. My goals this year are to focus on wrestling while keeping my grades up and win the state title in wrestling this year. Growing up, I’ve always been competitive and liked being part of a team. What I like mostly about me is I am athletic so when it comes to hard sports or where you have to put a lot of effort into it; it’s not so hard to me. So basically, I like to be better at certain things that seem hard to others to I stand out from others at great things. I see myself in the future being successful as in having a place of my own and car but most importantly a family of my own.

Angel Powell

My plans for these four years are to try to skip some grades so I can graduate early and also to have good grades this year. I want to learn how to write news stories the correct way.

Hunter Williams

Hi Person County. My name is Hunter Williams and I am a senior at Person High School and a member of the Rocket wrestling team. I am a fourth year Rock page staff member in Mrs. Flowers’ class. I am hard-working and I never like to sit around and do nothing. I’m always up doing something so I’m always active. I have always loved to write and journalism is one of the few classes and professions where I can write about real and current things going on either in town or somewhere else in the world. I plan on attending either NC State or UNC Wilmington when I graduate this year. It will be sad when this class is over because this will be the last time I will be able to take journalism at Person High School ever again. So, I will make this a really great last year and I can’t wait to see what this last year has in store for me.

Jairiya Wods

I am an intelligent senior at Person High School. I am a majorette dancer known as the Rocket Sweethearts. I am 17 years old and I am proud to be apart of the Rock page staff. My hobbies are reading, writing, and singing. After graduation, I plan to attend UNC Charlotte and major in physical therapy. My goal with that major is to help professional athletes as well as veterans of the military to get back on their feet and back into the real world. To accomplish that goal, I have to graduate as a rocket and soon, I will become a proud student at UNC Charlotte.

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