2017-09-23 / Word on the Street


Editor’s note: Each week, we are venturing out onto the streets of Roxboro looking for Personians to feature and to answer our question of the week for one of our regular features, Word on the Street.

This week’s question: What do you think is the great est invention of all time?

Heather Burns

This may sound like a cliche, but I think it is the wheel. It is so instrumental to so many tools. It helps other things work.

Joseph Russell

The light bulb and electricity. Without electricity, you wouldn’t have heat and light in the house, and it lights everything out here.

Ray El

Numbers. You use them for everything, 0-9. Everywhere you look you see them.

Tabitha Burton

The internet. It has created so many ways to communicate, and do research, and buy and sell things.

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