2017-09-30 / The Rock

New course available to Rockets

By Iya Hairston and Jairiya Woods

Rocket Seminar is a course that takes place every day for 40 minutes. Each Wednesday of the month, the seminar class changes by the order of the normal schedule by going to each normal period once a month. The class has been arranged by last name to make things easier and smoother since it is also a homeroom class students will have throughout the year.

The rocket seminar instructors teach subjects that will help students in the future, such as digital citizenship, social awareness, and personal finance.

“I feel like it will help the students and help them catch up on their work” said Blakely Lord, a Rocket seminar teacher. “I think this course is helpful to meet with a regular class everyday and have a connection with the students.”

Students have time to catch-up on any work needed to be done, obtain information, learn new subjects, and also, obtain extra credit.

“I learn new things every day in Rocket seminar,” said Ishod Hairston, a freshman at Person High School. “I feel like Person is a decent school, and rocket seminar will help me catch up and focus on my work.”

A couple of students in each grade level including Josh Harris (11th), Tiana Jeffers (10th), Ishod Hairston (9th), and Fred Harris (12th) all agreed that Rocket seminar is a helpful class.

The class can bring students grades up but also teach subjects different from math, reading, history and science.

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