2017-09-30 / Word on the Street


Editor’s note: Each week, we are venturing out onto the streets of Roxboro looking for Personians to feature and to answer our question of the week for one of our regular features, Word on the Street.

This week’s question:

What do you think of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem?

Rusty Allen

I could care less. I’m not that thin skinned.

Tammie Morris

We live in America and they have a right to kneel, but I think it is so disrespectful. It really upsets me.

Tiffany Welch

I think it is OK because I read something on Facebook why they did it, and people need to educate themselves on why they did it.

Keisha Lowery

As long as they are showing respect for the flag, that’s all that matters. Black and white people fought alongside each other and the blood they shed was the same color.

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