2017-10-28 / Word on the Street


This week’s question: What was your favorite halloween costume as a kid?

Everett Hill, ROXBORO

“Skeleton. I figured I would scare someone I guess.”

Joe O’briant, Roxboro

“A cowboy outfit. I always liked the cowboys in the movies. Also, I got cowboy outfits for Christmas.”

Apryle Harrison

“Witch. I liked putting on the hat and makeup. Witches were one of the main things for Halloween.”

Thomas Mccurdy, Timberlake

“Pirate. That’s what I usually dressed up as when I was really small.”

Editor’s note: Each week, we are venturing out onto the streets of Roxboro looking for Personians to feature and to answer our question of the week for one of our regular features, Word on the Street.

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