2017-11-11 / News

PCC partnering with SpunTech Industries

By Anna Fletcher
Courier-Times Staff Writer

The next time you drive down U.S. 501, you may notice a new billboard advertising a unique opportunity: land a high-paying job at SpunTech Industries by following a technical education career path at Piedmont Community College.

PCC is negotiating a partnership with the Israel based textile manufacturing company, which is located off Northpark Drive in Roxboro.

According to PCC President Pamela Senegal, the collaboration will be mutually beneficial, in that it will not only emphasize PCC’s integral role in Person County’s workforce but provide exposure for SpunTech in a way that it doesn’t currently have.

“It’s a win-win,” Senegal said at a Board of Trustees Executive Committee meeting last month. “For us, because spring registration starts in a couple weeks, and for SpunTech, in particular, because they’re not on 501, so they don’t get the same exposure that GKN and Eaton and the others do.”

According to Senegal, the type of position desired will influence the preliminary educational path at PCC.

“If it’s a fairly entrylevel position, then we have continuing education options, and students can take a CPT (certified production technician),” she said. “That’s an eight-week continuing education course. If [the student] takes that, then within two months, they could have a position at SpunTech.”

Right now, Senegal says, the partners are working on a landing page that the billboard will link to.

“Part of what will be on the billboard is it’ll say, ‘ www.piedmontcc.edu/ spuntech, and so it brings them back to the college,” she said. “It’s a landing page for SpunTech jobs. So for this job at SpunTech, this is the background that you need, and here’s a link to the program at the college. We’re trying to make it easy for people to connect with us.”

Over 24 jobs will be featured when the billboard is revealed, Senegal says, but that number will likely grow.

“SpunTech has the capacity to add new products as they sell additional things,” she said. “They’re already running seven days a week. They’ve already got three shifts, They’re doing well. So we want to help them do even better.”

Senegal hopes this project will initiate future partnerships with other local businesses.

“We’re excited about this opportunity to work with industry again,” Senegal said. “We think that this will be a template for hopefully working with other companies.”

Details about the billboard options have just been sent to SpunTech, according to PCC Director of Public Information and Marketing Beth Townsend, and now, the community college is waiting on a final decision from the company about which billboard they prefer and which position they’d like to feature.

She estimates that the billboard will be finalized before the middle of November and it would go up for display soon after.

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