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Eight Disney World visits in less than 10 years

By Mackenzie Clayton
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I have been to Disney World eight times since I was five-years-old, and these trips have produced some of my favorite memories.

The first, second, and eighth time I went to Disney were probably my most favorite.

The first time I went to Disney, I didn’t actually know that I was going. My parents told me that we were going somewhere for one of my mom’s work conferences. After what seemed like forever in the car, we ended up at this place called SeaWorld.

We spent the day at Sea- World, watching Shamu do flips and tricks; riding the Shamu Express multiple times; me begging to go on a “big kid” rollercoaster even though I was too short; and going on paddleboat flamingos and not being able to reach the pedals.

After the day there, as we were going back to our car, my parents told me that we were going to Disney World.

At first, I didn’t believe them, so I asked if we were going to see the princesses. They told me yes and then I proceeded to jump around the parking lot while wearing a pink UNC shirt and a big bow in my hair.

The second time I went to Disney, it was with mom and one of her co-workers and her children.

When we arrived at the hotel, I was so excited because the pool had a huge slide that looked like a snake.

This trip was in July, so the weather was nothing other than scorching hot. You did not want to walk on the concrete without shoes because there was a good chance that you would burn your feet off.

The most embarrassing part of the trip was when we ate dinner with Cinderella’s stepmother, stepsisters, and the prince.

My mom, being the curious person that she is, reached out and touched one of the stepsisters’ dresses.

She said she just wanted to know what it felt like. After the stepsister turned around, the evil stepmother proceeded to yell at my mom in front of the entire restaurant.

On my most recent trip to Disney, my mom, my friend Sara, and I went over a long weekend this past January.

The weather was perfect because it wasn’t hot and it wasn’t cold. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which has an outdoor area that has safari animals roaming around.

My favorite part of this trip wasn’t technically an event, but two souvenirs that my friend and I bought.

The first things we bought were the Mickey ears that they have throughout the park.

I got a pair that is orange and has pink flowers. My friend got a pair that has Maleficent horns that were black, purple, and green.

On the last day of the trip, we went to a store in Magic Kingdom and found Monster University hats. Even today, when I look at that hat, it reminds me how much fun we had and how we will keep those memories forever.

I hope to go to Disney at least 10 times before I graduate high school and eventually go to the Disney resort in Hawaii.

Going to Disney World has been a huge part of my life because it has supplied my family and me with memories that we will cherish forever.

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