2017-11-25 / The Rock

Greg Turner nominated as Teacher of the Week

By Makayla Talley
and Christen Stewart

Greg Turner has been nominated by Person High School (PHS) principal Neil Sydnor as the Teacher of the Week.

Turner provides students the opportunity to take French and to learn about the French culture,” said Sydnor.

Turner is the only French teacher at PHS and he has been teaching for eight years.

Since the previous French teacher retired last year, Turner explained that he was “certified to teach French” and moved on to teaching that class. He previsously taught English.

Turner attended UNC Chapel Hill.

When asked why he wanted to teach at Person, he said, “I wanted to be a teacher to make a difference.”

Before he taught at Person, his first job was in carpentry. But, he said, “It’s not as fulfilling to do,” as making a difference and teaching high school.

The advice he would give to incoming freshmen is, “Work hard, ask questions if you have them, and never give up.”

According to Turner, he spends his time away from PHS being a father and “staying informed about current events.”

When asked who Turner would have dinner with, alive or dead, he chose Fredrick Douglas, because he was a progressive black author during his time, said Turner.

Turner describes himself using words such as, caring, motivated and gregarious.

Silvia Espinoza, a student of Turner, said, “He helped me a lot with English and to learn about the French culture.”

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