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RCS drama teacher publishes children’s book illustrated by homeless veteran


SUBMITTED Canter SUBMITTED Roxboro Community School drama teacher Christie Canter recently added to her list of accomplishments by publishing a children’s book.

After 24 years in the making, her Buster the Bug: Everyone is Different, turned the teacher into an author. The book, written to teach children about diversity and the need to accept others who are different, was selfpublished

Dec. 28 by Canter and her husband. The book is aimed toward preschool through elementary school students.

Canter explained where the idea for the book came from by saying, when he was little, she would read Dr. Seuss books to one of her sons every night.

“He loved the rhyming schemes, but soon we got tired of the same old books every night,” said Canter. “So, I wrote my own.”

The books each taught a moral lesson and had rhyming schemes similar to many Dr. Seuss books, she said.

As Canter’s children grew older and the family gained new additions, she would bring out the books she had written. As time went on, Canter and her husband, Dennis, looked for ways to get the books illustrated.

“It just never worked out, with raising four sons and me being so picky,” she explained.

In January 2017, Canter and her husband walked through Times Square in New York City and took a wrong turn down a side street while looking for a restaurant. In the snow, they came across a homeless veteran drawing pictures for money. They spoke to him, and proceeded to get the man’s contact information.

“A week later, we sent him descriptions of my characters and he sent back rough sketches. When I saw them for the first time, I burst into tears,” explained Canter. “It was what had been in my head for over 20 years that I just couldn’t describe or get across to other artists, and that I had put on hold to raise my family.”

Over the recent holiday break from school, Canter finished the book and then published it.

“This is my first book,” she saidd. “I have written two more that also teach a lesson (sportsmanship and telling the truth). I’m hoping the first will be a success, and I can continue to work with my illustrator from New York.”

Buster the Bug: Everyone is Different is available on Amazon, in hard copy and on Kindle. RCS plans to host a signing by Canter, and invite Bethel Hill Charter School students.

MADISON FULLER is a senior at Roxboro Community School.

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