2018-01-10 / Editorial

Turning the tables on fire plan

Plans approved by Person County commissioners on Monday night call for the public to vote on a sales tax referendum to help improve funding for local fire departments.

The plan is not the best option commissioners were presented, but it is what they’ve chosen to pursue nonetheless. Unfortunately, for our local fire departments, commissioners themselves are lukewarm to the the plan, which would add one quarter cent to the sales tax. To put that into perspective, a gallon of milk at Food Lion runs about $3.51, including tax. With a favorable vote on this referendum, that same gallon of milk would cost $3.52. In other words the impact on taxpayers is minimal.

But taxpayers generally don’t look favorably upon tax increases of any kind.

In this case, however, the price we pay for that gallon of milk pales in comparison to the cost – real and imagined – of losing all our possessions because the local fire department wasn’t properly equipped to put the fire out in a timely way.

Voters can overcome the commissioners’ tepid response by going to the polls in May and voting Yes to the question of supporting our fire departments.

“Some men only take from that which is provided for them in life; others repay in part by putting something back into their communities by service and good deeds.”

– Jerry Clayton, Publisher, 1970-2000 on The Courier-Times’ mission of community service.

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