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Seamster explains program to Kiwanians

Seamster Seamster Person County students can better prepare for future employment through the Workforce Development program at Piedmont Community College, according to the program’s director Deborah Seamster, who presented to the Roxboro Kiwanis Club during the club’s Oct. 16 meeting at La Piazza restaurant in uptown Roxboro.

Through pictorial examples and a group exercise that’s also performed by the program’s students, Seamster demonstrated to club members the different ways the brain views and associates things. She concluded that people don’t always follow through on what they say – a principle that is emphasized in many PCC classes, she says.

She also noted that some Person County students have been laid off from as many as three local businesses, and participated in the N.C. Works program in an attempt to get back into the workforce. Those who lack computer skills, she says, face the challenge of applying to companies that only accept online applications.

A high school diploma and the ability to pass a drug test are minimum requirements for most entry-level jobs, Seamster says. During her presentation, she expressed surprise at the number of applicants who are unable to complete the latter.

To tackle these issues, she says, the Workforce Development program works with existing industries on certifications for certain jobs. The program’s classes are fully funded and available to qualifying students at no charge. Orientation classes are available in several different disciplines to gauge student interest in various fields, such as tours of existing facilities where students might eventually work. Career paths include certified logistics technician and healthcare positions.

Person County currently has 28 participants in the Career Readiness component of the program, which is a nationally recognized status emphasizing reading skills and comprehension, basic mathematics and graphics literacy involving maps, charts, diagrams and gauges. More that 400 certificates were entered this past year.

There are also eight Person County participants currently in the Certified Logistics component.

The complexity of the components increases with each level of the program, and challenges participants with timed testing. As graphic literacy is often a challenge for students, there are different levels of certification.

Participants get the lowest certificate level of scores in the three categories, which PCC supplements with an additional document used to show potential employers what level was scored for each category.

The Workforce Development program has offices in Person and Caswell counties. For more information, contact the Roxboro office at 336-599-4620 or the Yanceyville office at 336-694-8080.

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