2018-02-10 / The Bullhorn

‘My problem was very hard, but I did not let it stop me’


Sawyer Hawkins Sawyer Hawkins Ever since she was a baby, Sawyer Hawkins, a sixth-grade student at Roxboro Community School, (RCS) has had problems with her hearing because of a hole in her right eardrum.

When she was born, Hawkins had a hole in both eardrums, but the hole in the left eardrum closed on its own before she started kindergarten.

At three months old, she had her first surgery. As of October 2017, Hawkins has been through a total of five surgeries, hoping each one would improve her hearing.

Even though her ears and hearing problems did not keep her from doing things she enjoyed, she had to remain cautious when around loud noises and people. She did, however, have to wear earplugs while swimming so the water would not damage her ears any further.

Hawkins mentioned that even though her ears did hurt at times, it did not stop her from going to school or hanging out with her friends.

After years of doctor visits and her latest procedure, this January, just a couple of weeks ago, the doctors cleared Hawkins and said that the hole in her ear had healed. She said that it feels good knowing that she can hear better now.

“My problem was very hard, but I did not let it stop me,” concluded Hawkins.

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